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About 5 billion shares traded as enthusiasm came to NEPSE


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today good news for nepse

Kathmandu: There is a positive trend in the stock market again. With the arrival of July, there is overall enthusiasm in NEPSE. On Thursday, NEPSE index increased by 15.47 points. Along with this, the indicator has reached 2127.45 points. About 5 billion rupees worth of shares have been traded. 4 companies have a positive circuit. The trading volume is also supporting the rising index.

The transaction amount, which dropped to around 1 billion, has been expanding and has reached around 4 billion daily. This has increased the communication of hope among the investors. In the report of the fourth quarter, an attractive increase in the profits of the companies was seen on average, which helped to have a positive effect.

In the same way, there is a situation where the policy has been improved even though it is little, but it has also helped to raise the morale of the investors. However, the problems of the market have not been fully resolved yet. It can be expected that the market can take a positive path in the long run if the remaining reform works are carried out gradually by the regulator.

Earlier, investors were protesting and fasting to death demanding market reform. At that time, if the agreement made by the regulators with the investors is implemented, the stock market will definitely be able to catch a new rhythm. The number of investors in our market has become large. The number of demat account opening has reached 5.3 lakh.

The stock market keeps going up and down. This is also a general rule of the market. Analysts say that decline is the beauty of the secondary market. Therefore, common investors need to make investment decisions in a planned and strategic manner. Experts have repeatedly suggested to invest in strong companies with high dividend potential.

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