IPO of Rapti Hydro to come from May 8

rapti hydro ipo

upcoming rapti hydro ipo

Kathmandu: Rapti Hydro and General Construction is set to open IPO sale from June 8. The company is about to open 612,793 IPO lots for the project-affected locals.

The company is going to issue IPO to the locals of Rukum East and Rukum West districts affected by the project. Locals will be able to apply for a minimum of 10 lots and a maximum of 600,000 lots at the rate of Rs 100 per lot.

The IPO will be open till July 22 at the earliest and till July 7 at the latest. Applications can be submitted from Global IME Bank’s Chipridaha and Musikot Branch Offices, Siddhartha Bank’s Putha Uttarganga and Musikot Branch Offices and Prabhu Bank’s Musikot Branch Offices.

In addition, investors can apply from C-ASWA licensed banks and financial institutions and their branch offices from the Nepal Securities Board. Siddhartha Capital is the sales manager in this IPO.

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