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Joint demand of stock investor organizations to open broker license immediately

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Kathmandu: 3 organizations of share investors have issued a joint statement demanding the opening of broker licenses immediately. After being passed by the Board of Directors of the Securities Board, the matter has now been taken up by the Council of Ministers.

But the agenda of adding brokers that has reached the Council of Ministers has started to be discussed on social networks. In this context, investors’ organizations have said that considering the interest of more than five million investors, licenses should be opened to new brokers under any circumstances.

They are saying that this matter, which has been presented to the Council of Ministers, should not be stopped under any circumstances. Likewise, the investor organizations have demanded an immediate reduction in broker commission. It has also been demanded to reduce the commission charged to investors from brokers, NEPs, CDS and securities boards.

Also, it has been demanded to solve the problem of close out. The statement also said to privatize NEPSE and open a new stock exchange. Nepal Investors Forum, Share Investors Association Nepal and Nepal Capital Market Investors Association issued a joint statement.


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