Ordinary citizen’s capital has sunk, budget should bring new wave in capital market: Binod Chaudhary

binod chaudhary

binod chaudhary opinion in share market

Binod Chaudhary said that the budget for the coming fiscal year should be brought to bring a new wave in the capital market. Addressing the parliament, he said that the budget should bring a new wave in the capital market.

Stating that many Nepalis are drowning in the capital market, he said that a new wave should be brought in the capital market. “A lot of Nepali capital has sunk,” he said. “Let the budget bring a new wave in the capital market.”

He said that due to lack of liquidity in the banks, the interest rate which was around 7 percent has increased to 15 percent. He said that the NRB needs to reduce the liquidity shortage of more than Rs 500 billion.

He said that the government should end the situation where it cannot spend development and bring the accumulated money to the market as the government has spent only 31 percent of its capital expenditure.

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