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Sale of 70% rights shares of Nepal Finance open

nfs right share

nepal finance (nfs) right share news

Kathmandu: The sale of 70% of Nepal Finance’s rightful shares has been opened from Friday (May 20). It has issued 34 lakh 54 thousand 474 shares in the ratio of 1: 0.70. Accordingly, Finance has issued shares worth Rs. 345.44 million.

It has already closed the book on April 6 for the right shares. Therefore, the existing shareholders will be able to fill in the entitlement till April 30.

Investors will be able to apply for this right share till June 10. These rights shares have been given ICRN IR Single C Plus rating by credit rating agency ICRA Nepal. This indicates that you are at a very high risk to meet your financial obligations. Prabhu Capital has acted as the sales manager in this franchise.

Applications can be submitted from the Central and Branch Offices of Prabhu Capital and Nepal Finance. In addition, applications can be submitted through banks and financial institutions licensed by the Securities and Exchange Board and My Shares.

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