There was no policy change in the quarterly monetary policy review

nepal rastra bank

no change in monetary policy

Kathmandu: The Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) has not made any policy change in the third quarterly monetary policy review of the current fiscal year. Most of the policies mentioned in the half-yearly review have been continued in the third quarter.

The review has maintained the existing mandatory cash ratio, statutory liquidity ratio, bank rate and refinancing rates in line with appropriate monetary policy guidelines.

Emphasis will be given to increase the flow of financial resources in the productive sector, small and medium enterprises, growth of domestic production and export promotion keeping in view the price and external sector stability.

As the pressure on price and external sector stability has remained in the monetary policy direction, the policy direction taken in the half-yearly review of monetary policy has been continued.

However, monetary policy stance will be tightened as inflation and the ability to sustain imports of foreign exchange reserves come under pressure. The existing policy of limiting the refinancing facility provided by the bank for the revival of affected industries and businesses due to the covid infection to the most affected areas which are yet to be revived has been continued.

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