Today is the last day to apply for IPO of Dordi Khola Hydropower


Dordi Khola IPO

Dordi Khola IPO last date

Kathmandu: The last day to apply for the IPO of Dordi Khola Hydropower is Thursday, May 19. Investors must submit an application within office hours today. Hydropower has opened IPO sale to the locals affected by the project since April 27. The company has issued 10,054,260 shares, which is 10% of the issued capital to the locals. The company has issued the IPO to the residents of Dardi village in Lamjung district affected by the project.

Accordingly, residents of Bharate, Archalvot, Sribhanjyang, Nothar, Pachok, Dhodeni, Phaleni, Bansar and Hiletaksar (1 and 8) VDCs of Savik will be able to apply for IPO. Locals will be able to apply for a minimum of 10 lots and a maximum of 1 million lots at the rate of Rs. 100 per lot. The company is going to sell 10% shares of the issued capital of Rs 1.542 billion to the locals.

Rating agency Kier Nepal has awarded Dordi Khola’s IPO ‘Care Issuer Rating Double B Mainpus’. Which indicates an average risk in the company’s ability to bear responsibility. Siddhartha Capital is the sales manager in this IPO.

Locals can apply from Siddhartha Bank’s Lamjung branch, Global IME Bank’s Dordi branch, Kamana Seva Vikas Bank, Muktinath Vikas Bank and NNMB Bank’s Besishahar Lamjung branch. In addition, investors can apply from C-ASWA licensed banks and financial institutions and their branch offices from the Nepal Securities Board.

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