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When the profit bookers became active, the pressure on the Nepse index increased and the buying and selling amount increased


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Kathmandu: The share market declined on Thursday. After four consecutive days of growth, the Nepse index fell by 18.64 points to 2350.42 points on Thursday. The stock market had risen by about 130 points in four days.

On Thursday, the index was under pressure as short-term traders were active in booking profits. Despite the pressure on the indicator, the buying and selling amount has further improved on Thursday.

The prices of listed companies have become very cheap in the continuously declining stock market. Investors have been attracted to the market as prices have fallen. On the other hand, bank interest rates have made investors more optimistic.

Investors have been relieved after the Bankers’ Association did not raise interest rates in May. In addition, it has been analyzed that the money coming in the market for the election will gradually enter the financial system. Investors are optimistic that the liquidity problem will be resolved to some extent.

The stock market does not just continue to rise or fall. The declining market should also be taken as an investment opportunity. As the Nepse index is still well below its peak, this could be an opportunity for long-term investors. However, it is advisable for investors to make prudent investments based on the latest financial statements of companies and basic and technical analyzes.

Shares of 228 companies worth over Rs 2.32 billion were traded on Nepse on Thursday. A total of 52 lakh 27 thousand 359 shares have been bought and sold. The price of Jalpa microfinance has increased by 10%. Similarly, the share turnover of Shivam Cements is the highest. Shares of Shivam worth more than Rs 110 million have been bought and sold.

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